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r/Scams – Is This a Scam??

r/Scams – Is This a Scam??

Source: r/Scams – Is This a Scam?? Discovered on: 2022-05-02 22:10:20   So an Instagram account by someone with mutual friends approached me saying he wanted to give me $750.… – Jared D Gilbert (cq098s) – Jared D Gilbert (cq098s)

Source: – Jared D Gilbert (cq098s) Discovered on: 2022-05-02 21:40:12 Jared D Gilbert Profile Information State: UT Department: Salt Lake City Police Department Profile Status Hits 3 Officer Rating…



Source: ANDREW JAMES ATWELL Discovered on: 2022-05-02 20:30:26 General Information Name ANDREW JAMES ATWELL OpenOversight ID 84661 Unique Internal Identifier None Department Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Race White Gender Male…

WilliamThaKid: @TheDaraHimself @TMotherfucka @TEBYN_ofHK @Sp…

WilliamThaKid: @TheDaraHimself @TMotherfucka @TEBYN_ofHK @Sp…

Source: WilliamThaKid: @TheDaraHimself @TMotherfucka @TEBYN_ofHK @Sp… Discovered on: 2022-05-02 19:46:12   Hello I’m a minor being targeted by a pedophile online. What I’m going to do after asking them for… – Freddie Barnes (hi034v) – Freddie Barnes (hi034v)

Source: – Freddie Barnes (hi034v) Discovered on: 2022-05-02 19:30:16 Freddie Barnes Profile Information State: CO Department: Aurora Police Department Profile Status Hits 7 Officer Rating  Reviews & Ratings This… – Daniel Bruce (zd012c)

Source: – Daniel Bruce (zd012c)

Discovered on: 2022-05-01 11:00:14

Daniel Bruce Profile Information State: CA Department: Oakland Police Department

Profile Status Hits 116 Officer Rating  Reviews & Ratings
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User Comment/Rating disneyaddict
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This was a lot of work to make a brief comment, wouldn’t save it so now he got two reviews. My interaction wasn’t so much law enforcement based as answering questions I had. Officer Bruce was friendly and professional and answered my questions thoroughly. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty cute!

Created On: 08/29/2009 06:27:36
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Originally posted 2022-05-01 11:00:19.

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