Sex offender who told teens drugs make them...

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Sex offender who told teens drugs make them…

Translated From: Sex offender who told teens drugs make them…

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A sex offender was found hiding a boy and girl who were from children’s homes in a closet in their bedroom, a court has heard.

Just weeks after police made the shocking discovery, Jamie Roberts took two boys, again vulnerable teens living in care, back to her home where they drank alcohol and took drugs, and suggested using amphetamines because “it makes them really horny.” ».

Roberts, who also goes by Jamie Whelan, is currently subject to a sexual harm prevention order after being convicted of child abduction.

Swansea Crown Court heard that early in the morning on December 21 last year, Swansea Police were notified that two teenagers, a girl and a boy, had not returned to their respective nursing homes before the tap assigned stay the night before.

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Prosecutor Kevin Jones said the police investigation led to Roberts’ apartment in Skewen, and at 3:40 am officers knocked on his door, Wales Online reported.

The court heard that lights were on in the property, but officers did not respond to knocks, although they did notice that the shutters on one window were moving.

Officers kept calling, and eventually Roberts answered and, despite being fully clothed, told callers that he had been asleep.

The house was searched and it initially appeared that Roberts was alone.

However, officers noticed a large pile of bedding and clothes stacked in front of a closet in one of the bedrooms.

And when officers moved the items and opened the locker, they found the missing children hiding inside.

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The teens were returned to their care homes, and Roberts was arrested.

In his subsequent interview, the 35-year-old defendant provided a prepared statement saying that the children had asked him to hide them and that they had taken cocaine and amphetamine.

After being questioned, Roberts was released under investigation.

He has 19 prior convictions for 22 crimes, including a number of sexual offenses that began with the indecent assault of a girl when she was a minor; this involved her assaulting a girl in public restrooms on a beach.

Discounted a quarter for his guilty pleas, Roberts was sentenced to three and a half years for violating the sexual harm prevention order, and the judge resentenced the defendant for the earlier crime of child abduction, imposing a sentence of six months. for him to be executed consecutively, making a total sentence of four years in prison.

Roberts will serve up to half of that period in custody before being released on leave to serve the remainder in the community.

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