A sex offender was sentenced in the US for burning a woman...

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A sex offender was sentenced in the US for burning a woman…

Translated From: A sex offender was sentenced in the US for burning a woman…

Discovered on: 2022-01-05 23:26:29

Daniel Selovich changed his name to “Pirate” in 2013 and is a registered sex offender

A registered sex offender from the state of Idaho (United States) was sentenced on Tuesday for burning a disabled woman with a cigarette.

The aggressor, called “Pirate” (Pirate), had only been back from freedom for a month, after spending a year in prison for sexual crimes.

The man, who has a facial tattoo that covers almost his entire face, will not pay more jail time for his new misdeed, since the court gave him a sentence of time served, but he will have to pay a fine of 515 dollars as part of a plea agreement he signed during the trial.

“He was more than ready for trial because he felt he had the burden of proof,” said Pirate, who legally changed his birth name, Daniel Selovich, in 2013.

"Pirate" during one of the court hearings“Pirate” during one of the court hearings

“I felt that I had justice on my side. My only regret is that I went without a contender or whatever,” she added.

Pirate, 43, was accused of burning a disabled woman in November 2009, the Idaho State Journal reported.

He met the victim on a dating app and then stayed at her home, allegedly setting her on fire multiple times and throwing ashes in her mouth, the Journal said.

He also put his foot in her mouth and held her head in his hands, the victim alleged.

Pirate has a history of sexual assaults and crimes that has earned him several prison sentencesPirate has a history of sexual assaults and crimes that has earned him several prison sentences

Pirate has a long list of criminal records, according to reports.

A 2004 assault on a disabled woman in Las Vegas forced him to register as a sex offender. He was linked to that case using DNA and arrested in 2016, according to the report.

He downplayed his criminal past in an interview with KRCR-TV in California, where he apparently lived in early 2020. “All of these charges are either petty or dismissed,” he said at the time.

on the left Daniel Selovich, before becoming "Pirate"on the left Daniel Selovich, before becoming “Pirate”

“These are positions that, at a minimum, are usually 15 years, the maximum is for life. Now, either I am the luckiest guy in the world or maybe there is more to these stories,” she added.

Pirate is a known and feared sex offender in the community, who has filed several petitions asking district attorneys not to release him.


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